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Tour Information Updated APR 2021

Here you can find the current status and information as we have it for the tour team. This page will be updated often as we decisions are made and we progress closer to the day.

If you can not find what you are looking for please use the contact form at the base of the page to get in contact with us.


All tour members and their families are expected to participate

For each player, there will be a $500 deposit required. The first $200 is a non-refundable commitment that we need by end of January. This is used to pay initial accommodation and travel deposits as well as initiate some fundraising events. The final refundable $300 is required by June 1st 2021.

We don't want players to miss the tour because they can not meet this requirement and as such we have several options for families to take up that can help them achieve this. To find out more, reach out to anyone on the junior or tour committee or use our contact form at the base of this page.

Being part of a tour is not just about the tour at the end but the experience of raising funds to make it happen and get the whole team there. The tour is run and managed by the families involved in the tour so it is up to everyone to make it a reality.

What we are doing

Always subject to change but here is what we are currently planning


We are following last years tour to Queenstown and avoiding the risk of travelling overseas this year.

September 23rd to 28th

This is outside school holidays which helps save us costs and co-insides with a rugby tournament being held.

Pine Wood Lodge

Just outside of town and allows us to be self-contained without the need to share with any other guests. www.pinewood.co.nz.

Festival of rugby

There is a rugby competition running that weekend and we have organised some rip rugby games to be played at the same time.

The best Queenstown has to offer

A day at the ski fields, Cardona. The Jetboat. The Luge plus others.

Where are we at?

We have gotten off to a good start. The tour committee has managed to find and establish the destination, accommodation and flights over the Christmas period and we have run our first fundraiser by selling Dad's Pies. We did a fantastic job selling over $8K worth of pies. This has been the biggest order Dad's Pies has seen in four years. Special whoop whoop to Isla Martins family for ordering 26 boxes.

We then ran our comedy night, we weren't able to really sell out both nights and maximize it but we made a good profit none the less.

Chocolate sales are coming in and we have made a couple of $K profit there.

This effort has put us in a good place. Along with everyone's player deposit and the money made from the pies we have been able to secure and pay the deposits for our flights, accommodation and several other event and activity deposits that needed to be paid in March and we were well placed to pay our expenses for each event.

Next up we will be chasing people for the second half of the deposit, $300 by July 1st. This payment goes to our player deposit account of 01-0277-0788734-01.

Our other primary fundraiser is running the BBQ at the club every Saturday morning. We would like everyone to sacrifice a Saturday or two throughout the year to do this and so think about signing up and getting in early when the requests start coming out.

Our final event will be 'Bitchen Bingo' later in July. Another big laugh night where we look to hover up everyone's gold coins.

Right now the committee is looking at our tour gear options and what we want and can get for all teh kids. We are looking forward to showing you that.

Current Events

Chocolate Boxes

Lou has organised boxes of 45 chocolate bars for each family to sell.

We have delivered these out and now we are looking to get all the money back in.

The $90 for the box can be deposited in the tour team account of 01-0277-0788734-00. You can also hand over that cash to any tour team committee member.

If you have any trouble selling your whole box(es), do your best and then get in contact with Lou.

May till August

For the rest of the season we will be manning the BBQ hut every Saturday at the club. We will soon have a roaster created which will hopefully ensure that your turn will co-inside with your child playing at home.

The BBQ is a big deal in getting us to Queenstown. When it is run well we make some great sales and we know how to run it well. We just need to ensure it is manned well. If you think you can help out a bit extra one Saturday please contact Kerry and let her know.