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App Testing

Take 10 minutes and a coffee to explore the app and provide feedback

Getting your opinion is important to help make this app a success. If we create an App that is helpful, informative and functional then it can aid in improving the experiences people have with the Northcote Rugby Club.

Test Sign up and Sign In

Start by creating an account by clicking sign in or register.
(Don't choose to sign in with your Apple account as that is not fully implemented yet)
You will be redirected to a web page (you will need to find the link to 'Sign Up')
Create an account.
You will be redirected back to the app and sent to the profile page.
Update your profile details.
You will then be shown several intro screens before landing on the home screen.
Swipe from the left to right to open the sidebar and select to sign out.
Then, sign back in. Thsi time you should go straight to the home screen.

Home Screen

Home Screen screen shot

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Take a screen shot of the home page. This will help compare how the display appears on different devices.

Test Events

Go to the events screen and tap and open an event.

Events are sourced from senior and junior calendars as well as events from each team the user follows or is a member of.

Test News

Open the news screen.
Scroll through the news items.
Hit the '+' icon at the bottom right and select a news source to filter by.

Select a news item and view it.

News is sourced from the All Blacks, NZRU, North Harbour and Northcote. By having regular (daily) sourced news content, this will help keep people engaged.

Test Chat

Open the chat, you should see one chat channel. Write some messages and feel free to chat with other testers.

When you are a member of a team you will have access to a team chat. (Like a WhatsApp group or Team Reach) Each team will also have a chat for the management group allowing them to talk amongst themselves.


Open the side menu by swiping from left to right and select membership.

You should be classed as a Supporter with no membership.

Select to purchase a membership type and go through the credit card payment.
Use 4242 4242 4242 4242, 11/23 and 123 for the credit card details.

Returning to the membership screen you should now be a member. If not, pull down on the screen to refresh it.

The convenience of purchasing a membership will hopefully increase the number of people (non players) who do. The more people that install the app the more we can invite to join.

By digitalising the membership we can also look at a loyalty scheme. CoteCoins for every bar purchase, attending games, participating in fund raising events. Along with the ability to donate those rewards to fund raising teams and projects.


Select the '+' icon at the bottom right and select the shopping bag. Proceed to browse and buy items. Use the same credit card details as you did when purchasing a membership.

According to stats, a mobile version of a store sells 30% more. We could also offer other money collecting options like purchasing event tickets or donating money.


Again select the '+' icon and select the envelope icon to open the contacts screen. Browse through the contacts and send a message to the Rugby Director.

The ability to contact people directly removes the need of using a middle-man and increase the connection time. This leads to a better 'experience'.

Anything Else?

Any other feedback or questions or screen shots to show?

Ideally the app will increase the connection between club and members\supporters as well as the number of engaged people. This will help to continue and promote a successful rugby club.

Screen Shots

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