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My Northcote App

While the Northcote website is about promoting Northcote Rugby and providing information for everyone the My Northcote App is about showing information relative to an individual. Events that relate to you. Teams that you belong to.

The app caters for supporters who want to follow a team, such as the premiers or a granddad overseas following his grandkids J6 team. It allows team members, coaches, managers, players/parents to be kept up to date with team details and allows managers to update team information and the club to send targeted messages.

The app will be available on both Apple and Android phones and look the same. It is using preset/fake data while it is being developed but right now it would be good to get some feedback. I don't want the app to be a compulsory app but rather an app that people choose to use over other options.

Have a look through the four topics and videos below and fill out the survey at the end.

Starting & Home Screen

After the app is downloaded onto your phone you will need to register.

Once completed you will then have access to the home screen which is the central screen for branching out to other screens.

The screen shows the most recent news and message along with how many news and messages you have unread.

You can also see the next upcoming events.

Activating the side drawer will give you access to other settings and functionality. An example will be filling in an incident form.

News & Events

Events and News items are filtered by the teams you belong to and if you have selected to get information from the Junior, Senior or both.

An event such as a game or a prize-giving or even a team event can be accompanied by a map. All games and maps are pulled from Sporty/North Harbour rugby.

If a map is associated with an event then you can click the 'Directions' icon and this will open your phones 'Map' application and plot a course from your current location to the event destination.

Users can also select to 'Like' a news item.

News content is managed and published by the Junior and Senior club committees.



For each team that you are a member of you will have access to messaging and be able to communicate with your teams.

If you are just a supporter of a team you won't have access to messages. members are considered the management and players/parents and this access is controlled by the team's manager.

The club will also be able to send messages directly such as reminders about prize-giving or calls for help. This will avoid relying on managers and coaches to receive and pass on emails which is known to be problematic.


My Teams

You can select teams that you wish to be part of and follow. Anyone can follow any team. Though to access and see certain details you need the team manager to approve your access. Anyone following a team is visible, trackable and contactable.

When clicking a team the user can see the team details, messages from the manager and team photos that have been uploaded. The team draw is also displayed.

With the sidebar drawer, the manager is given extra functionality around managing the team such as adding a team event to updating training night information.


It will be good to have your feedback