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‘An American Reacts’ provides a fresh perspective on NZ rugby history

‘An American Reacts’ provides a fresh perspective on NZ rugby history

All BlacksApril 24, 2024

Experience the captivating fusion of rugby history and American charm as YouTube sensation Sean Tyler steps into the world of New Zealand rugby with his trademark enthusiasm, humour, and witty catchphrases.

In this exciting new NZR+ series, Sean embarks on a journey through the annals of New Zealand rugby history, exploring eight distinct moments and legendary players that have left an indelible mark on the sport. What sets Sean apart is his unique perspective as an American who didn't grow up immersed in the world of rugby, offering viewers a fresh lens through which to appreciate these iconic moments.

With a dedicated following on YouTube, Sean's reaction videos have garnered widespread acclaim, spanning various sports including rugby union, AFL, and rugby league. Now, he brings his infectious energy and genuine curiosity to the rich tapestry of New Zealand rugby history.

Mark your calendars for the series premiere on NZR+ at 5pm on Monday, April 22nd, NZT, featuring four exhilarating episodes. And the excitement doesn't end there – tune in on April 29th for another four episodes, each unveiling thrilling moments such as Ardie Savea's highlights, the Black Ferns' triumphant Rugby World Cup 2021 final win, the electrifying debut of Kapa O Pango, and the unforgettable Game of the Century between the All Blacks and Wallabies in 2000.

Join Sean Tyler on this exhilarating ride as he delves into the heart and soul of New Zealand rugby, offering a fresh perspective and celebrating the moments that define the sport's greatness.

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