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Preparing Through 2024

In February, we hope to confirm a team of interested players. Have a tour committee up and running and looking to get started.

Getting together Through out the year

It will importnat that we come together regularly to form a team

Each player will play for their respective college rugby team. Throughout the year, we will organise tour team trainings where we come together as a team to practice and develop as a team.

If you run into a problem where your school does not have a team for you to play for. If that could be the case, we will help find a team for you to participate in.

What could these trainings look like

Perhaps 8 Sunday mornings during the year for 3-4 hours

At these trainings, we would practice and develop skills and run and understand our game plan. One of our goals will be to help make you smarter rugby players. We won't be focusing on fitness.

But we won't just be training. We will also be creating a "team". We will need to practice our tour haka (and you don't want to turn up to a European rugby tournament and not have a haka to perform). We will come up with team songs and chants.

We will need to pick and decide on what tour gear we want.

We will get specialists to talk to us about nutrition, injury prevention and management, as well as guest coaches.

Along with general team bonding activities.

And we might as well finish by cooking and having a meal together.

We will try to schedule these trainings to be as convenient as possible, but there will undoubtedly be sacrifices that you have to make to come along.