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The cost and fundraising

There is no denying it. This is an expensive trip, and players will need to fund a large portion of this themselves.

Just how are we going to do this

We hope to have a better idea of costs in February 2024

Just looking up a commercial flight to Portugal and adding on 1300 Euros for a week's accommodation and activities, then thinking about insurance and tour gear.... The numbers start climbing.

We will look to split the tour cost into two portions. Self-funded and team funded. What this balance is will come down to the formation of a tour committee and the decisions they come to as a group.

Team Funding

We will look to organise and run some big-ticket events to really pull in the money.

Today, we can custom-print all our tour gear. We will look at selling advertising/sponsorship space on our playing and tour gear. We could look at each player finding a sponsor for each shoulder and the back of their jersey and having that money go to their payments for the trip.

Grants and charities. We will be applying and hitting up every and any organisiation that may help us out.

Sponsorship - We will look to put together a sponsorship package and push this out as far and as wide as we can to find major sponsors.

Success here improves as the assurity of the tour grows. When we have a committed team, we can show what we plan to do, we have already raised $$$...
The more real the tour becomes then, the grants want to help us cross the finish line, and sponsors want to jump onto a sure thing.

Starting soon and starting fast has an on flow effect to the effort later on.

Self Funding

Each player is going to need to self-fund a big portion of this trip. But we don't intend to leave you on your own to do this. We will look to provide you with tools and ideas to help you raise your own money. We will share everyone's ideas and look to keep in contact with you to make sure you are on track and that the whole thing is not stressing families out. 

We want you to succeed.


The Security of your money

Its important your money is safe and the conditions of refund is clear

When the official registrations open, we will look for some initial money deposits with your commitment. Then, we will be looking for some regular contributions to keep things on track.

But things happen, and you may need to pull out. We hope we can return all of your contributions, while any money raised through team fundraising will stay with the team.

The eventual tour committee will confirm the exact details of this and look to be very clear about commitments, where money is going and what safety nets we have. (We will have a good look at travel insurance options and scenarios at the start)

All the tour money will be overseen and administrated by multiple people on the tour and in association with the club to ensure everything is appropriate.

Players keep in mind

It's your families that will get you there

And when I say your family, I mean your wider family-whanau.

Your parents will need to work hard to get you there. Your siblings may just have to miss out on something so you can go. Your grandparents-tupuna may sacrifice something for you. So make sure you acknowledge this, show appreciation, and if they are out doing something for you, feel free to clean the kitchen to help them help you.