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It was 3 April 1929

It was on the 3rd April 1929 that Bob Brown set up the inaugural meeting of the Northcote and Birkenhead Rugby Club from which the names of 55 intending players were submitted to the Auckland Rugby Union.

Competitive rugby had actually been played in Northcote up to 1908 but following a dispute with the Auckland Rugby Union over grading most of the players transferred to league and the organisation was wound up.

One individual who remained faithful to rugby was A.W. 'Drew' Miller. From 1929, when the existing club was formed, he provided invaluable service, initially as a committeeman and then as a coach and delegate to the union.

Bob Brown had begun casting around in 1928, the year that the All Blacks first toured South Africa, for support to create a club in the Northcote district. As a young man, he had played rugby in England and was extremely interested in the game. His massive contribution to Northcote rugby in those early days earned him the title 'Father of the Club'.

1929 Northcote Team

Coach Jack Flecther and his 1929 originals who fashioned an outstanding record of 12 wins, four draws and one loss.

From the left: Cliff Aspden, Dave Crowe, Len Simmers, Jim Simmers, Trevor Blomfield, Alan Martin, Albert Nicholson, Peter Heath, Geoff O'Leary, Keith Havill, Bert Tremain, Gray Parrish, Stan Tremain, Eric Horan, Jack Speight, Jack Fletcher

Bob Brown the father of Northcote rugby club
Bob Brown, Founder of the Northcote Birkkenhead Rugby Club

In 1931, Bob Brown was elected president, continuing in that role until 1933 when Jack Lethbridge took over.

Bob Brown, to whom Northcote owes so much for his endeavours in helping establish the club, was tragically drowned in march 1934 in a vain attempt to rescue his younger son who had got into difficulties at Orewa. The club recognised his massive contributions by electing his widow a life member at that year's annual meeting.