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We have coaches for our coaches

Technical knowledge about the game is not a required attribute to be a coach. Being organised, approachable and fair are the most desired qualities. The desire to have kids and parents enjoy rugby is a key driver to being a good coach.

Being a coach is to be a student. Be you are a first-year coach or into a six-year tenure as the All Black coach you will always be learning. To help you along we have gathered together a range of topics for you to read and apply as you see fit. We also look to provide courses throughout the year and are always ready to talk things through with you.

New? Looking for where to start

If you are new to coaching, or new to Northcote, start by reading our, ' Becoming a coach' article. It sets out some club expectations and direction to get you started. We are not just focused on providing a great rugby environment for our kids but for our volunteers and the families as well.