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J7 Rippa Rugby Tournament

The Snow White tournament is an invitational tournament to give J7 Rippa teams from the North Harbour Rugby Union an opportunity for a mid-season festival of rugby and to play against some different teams to those they face on Saturday mornings

Cote vs North Shore
Silverdale vs Helensville

We had 12 teams from across North Harbour participate in the 2022 Snow White tournament. Congratulations to everyone who took part.

Tournament champions: Mauhurangi
Shield runner-ups: Silverdale Silver
Plate winners: East Coast Bays
Bowl winners: North Shore

Glenfield vs Silverdale
Silverdale vs Muhu
Kumu vs Taka
Ron Williams

Snow White

The tournament honours the distinguished career of Northcote Life Member, Hallard “Snow” White. Snow White still holds the record for the most games played for Auckland (196). He also played 12 times for the All Blacks, including 4 test matches and went on to serve as President of the Auckland and New Zealand Rugby Unions.

It was Snow’s wish that this tournament promotes the values of fair play and sportsmanship. Sadly, Snow passed away in 2016, but this tournament continues his legacy – and as such, is decided on sportsmanship as well as game results.

Aisha, Snow White's granddaughter

It's always incredibly humbling to see the legacy of Snow live on through this club.

As a family, we love seeing the joy on your faces, hearing the loud cheers coming from your supporters on the sidelines, and watching the sportsmanship you display out on the field.

Thank you for doing your best out there, thank you for partaking in this fantastic tournament, and thank you for representing Snow in the most incredible way.

We miss him dearly, but this tournament really hits home, and I am incredibly proud to be his granddaughter and see the impact that he still has on this place and sport that meant so much to him.

Congratulations to everyone, and special congratulations to the winners of the Snow White Shield.