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Womens 2024

We’re excited to see senior women’s tackle rugby return to Northcote! We’re building on the momentum from our women’s 7s team, who played in the North Harbour and Glenfield Sevens tournaments in November 2023. Our coaching and management trio of Lyle Williams (Coach), Natasha Dallow (Player/Coach) and Anoushka Dallow (Manager) are all set for the 2024 season.

All players aged 17+ are welcome to register – whether you’re experienced, never played before, it’s been a while since you played, or you’re looking to step up from junior rip rugby. If you love the game, love hanging out with a good group of people and looking for that little something else, come and play rugby at the Cote this season.


    Northcote Women


    10th Jun Match Report vs Rangers

    Saturday's game report is brought to you from the players point of view.

    It started with a solid looking team on Friday night, but come Saturday morning we were down four players leaving us with one sub. The game started strong with some solid runs from our forwards and great off loads. With only the one sub though and a much faster game than previous weeks, the legs were quickly burning. But don't worry MK Rangers weren't shy to show off their subs, replacing their whole team 15 minutes into the game.

    The first half started strong with a great try in the corner by our wheels, Charlotte. Followed by the two Cote originals, Dallow and Brooke, running one from the back of the scrum and Brooke touching down in the corner. The Rangers bounced back with a young gun, running one in down the sideline but having to work hard for it as our smiley Julz attempted to chase her down. We ended the first half down 20 - 10 with one very questionable try by the Rangers that our touchy said was not only out but short. Ref didn't agree.

    Second half felt like it went for hours, with the lungs burning and legs hurting, we continued to fight with our one sub against their 20. Again, some great runs from all our ladies continued to make things look promising for us. Rangers ran in a couple more tries but that didn't stop us from pulling off a great team try that went from one end to the other, through all the hands and finishing under the sticks by Brooke who then converted her own try. Right before the final whistle, Jos had one last shot down the sideline but got taken out slightly high, bringing the game to an end 39 - 17.

    POD went to Captain Brooke and our Canadian Lucy who sadly leaves us this week. Opposition POD was our flying winger Charlotte.

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