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Rip Rugby with one rule change

Moving straight from Rip Rugby to Rugby is not just hard because of the contact and tackling but also because of all the new rules and playing approach.

This event aims to take the familiar game of Rip Rugby and introduce tackling. This allows the players to have that comfortable feeling of knowing what to do on the field with only one new concept, the tackle, to learn and experience.

Thanks to all 24 girls who signed up and took part in this event. We had a great time delivering it and from everyone's looks and smiles, it looked like everyone enjoyed it. We will take everything we have learned from this inaugural event and look to continue to improve and grow girl's rugby.

Check out pictures from the night at the end of the page.


Tackle Clincs

We will run some tackle clinics beforehand as well as on the day.

These won't make players an expert tackler, but they will help ensure that they start tackling safely and efficiently that looks after them and the people they tackle.

There will also be a focus on being tackled and how to fall to avoid injury. Once a player learns these concepts and starts applying and experiencing them, they will find that confidence to play the game.

You must have a fitted mouth-guard to participate.

Tackle Certificates

In conjunction with North Harbour Rugby women's tackle program, each girl participating in a clinic and the game will gain an NZR Tackle Certificate, which will be presented after the game.

The Dates

We encourage you to turn up to one tackle clinic if not both.

Tackle Clinic 1

Friday, Sept 9th | 5-6 pm | Rangitoto College
Top field

Tackle Clinic 2

Sunday, Sept 11th | 9-10 am | Northcote Rugby Club
Number 1 field

Tackle Event

Monday, Sept 12th | 5-7 pm | Northcote Rugby Club
We will start with a tackle clinic session before moving to a game and finish in the club with some final words and directions.

2021 J3 White
2021 Girls Rip Tournament

What You Need

Mouthguard! Don't forget this one. You can pick them up from any chemist, but then make sure you get it moulded before the day.

Your Rip shorts and boots and a durable top. A rugby jersey if you can, but nothing that will easily rip or you will be unhappy if it does get damaged. On the game day, we will have one set of jerseys with one team playing in whatever they bring along.


This is an introduction step to playing rugby. It is aimed at girls who play U15 Rip Rugby and have not played U15 rugby. It is designed to help encourage girls in an environment where everyone is 'new' and help build confidence and the skills to consider playing Girls U15 Rugby in 2023.

Girls who are playing junior rugby at clubs (J1, J2, j3, etc) are allowed to participate and experience the all-girl game.

Any North Harbour girl is welcome to come along.

How the event will run

We will kick things off straight away at 5 pm. Dividing the girls up into their teams, assigning them a coach or two and running them through a warm-up, some tackle reminders and a small team run and then into the games.

The interest and numbers on the night will determine how the night runs, but we do plan to be finished at 6:30 pm, at which point we will head into the club for a final talk where we will provide some food and drinks for the players as well as a round-up and any information about playing U15 rugby in 2023.

The Rules

Saturday Rip Rugby rules apply.

The difference is that the girls will not be wearing rips and will need to make tackles.

When a tackle is made, there is no ruck or maul. The defenders are not allowed to go for the ball, allowing the attacking team to retain the ball. Another team player must get to the ball, pick it up and pass it. They can not run. This simulates what happens in a rugby match.

If the ball is lost forward in the tackle, then an advantage takes place for the defending team, and they can pick it up and play.

On the fourth tackle, the ball is handed over to the defending team.

If the referee calls out 'Tackled!' then no matter what the player thinks, the attacker must fall to the ground and place the ball.

There is no fending by the attackers allowed.

Attackers are not allowed to 'charge' directly at defenders. They are still expected to try and avoid contact.

There will be a strong encouragement to avoid over-vigorous contact. Tackles must be very low, and 'big hits' will be discouraged. That enthusiasm can wait until an actual rugby match.

Keep in mind this is about helping and encouraging more girls to take up U15 rugby in 2023. We are looking to help them develop and get confidence in a really important game skill of tackling and being tackled.

We are doing this because the more girls that play the game, the better the competition it will create and the better the future will be for every girl rugby player and rugby itself.