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Help Out

90 years of history is a long time. Do you have part of it sitting at home or in your head?

"You can't play rugby!" That's how this all started. This was how my daughter reacted when I mentioned that I played. So out came the old photos and scouring the club walls for proof that not only did I play but that I also wasn't too bad.

We have been recording and storing this information online where you can search and prove to your kids and grandkids your Cote loyalty.

How can you help

Look up your old teams, find photos and read through the clubs history and let us know if we are missing any names or if anything is incorrect. We particularly want to get the full names of people.

Past Players, Coaches, Managers

We want to know who you are and what you did. If you were just involved for one season, that makes you part of the club history. Let us know, with your best recollection, your first year, last year and any teams in between. Your best assumption is good enough. Let us know who you recall playing with. We will record your participation and try and cross reference you with what we already have. 


If you have an official team photo or general photos of teams and players we would love to get a digital copy.

Do you have a picture of yourself in Northcote gear? It would be great to have it for your profile picture.

Were you a Harbour Player, NZ representative, international? We would love a photo of you in your representative jersey as well for our honours board. 

Potentially the easiest way to do this is to take them to the 'Warehouse Stationary' (In New Zealanders) where they will scan them and put them onto a memory stick. Then make contact with us to get us a copy.

Make sure you ask them to scan in the highest resolution they can.

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