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Ken Parry
Super Rugby representative

Ken started at Northcote at 6 years old, 15th grade in1963. He went right through the grades including 2 years under 21 in 1975 and 76. Then from 1977 he made the seniors, missing 3 games in six seasons through to the end of 1982 finishing with 104 competition games and 20 years at the club.

Ken played for Auckland while at Northcote from 1979-81 with 15 games . He then moved out to Clevedon for work , playing for Ardmore and ended up having 49 games for Counties and an All Blacks trial.

Ken Parry

Centurion, Super Rugby Rep

  • COTE Since1963
  • Super Rugby1979
  • Centurion1982
  • Playing Seasons
  • Colts3
  • Premiers6
  • Juniors1

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