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Once again the members of this team came up from the 14th grade team of last year. Added to these fourteen boys were eight boys who either came from other Clubs or were playing rugby for the first time.

All the boys were very quick to settle down to the challenge of playing good 15 man rugby with pleasing displays of running and passing which could show many a senior team a thing or two. The new boys settled in quickly to make their own nitch and became part of a squad with great team spirit.

Again this season Scott Cornwall showed his experience and quick thinking in leading the forward pack to supremacy over much heavier and larger opposition packs. Ably helped by players like Stuart Beere, Duncan McKenzie, Craig Batty and Andrew Chatfield who worked hard to gain the ball for the backs. The locks, Paul Nuki, playing rugby for the first time and Kelly HaIl proved what can be done with a lot of effort in the scrums and rucks.

The remaining forwards, Jason Perry, Jeremy Priddy, Edward. Stuart and John Quinn all gave their best to help the team dominate the opposition. It was very pleasing to see the marked improvement in Jeremy Priddy this season in his determination to get to the ball or to the opposition. Jeffrey Goode had a great season at half-back with many good blind-side runs. Clinton Healy proved very safe at first five-eight saving many a try with determined tackling and hard running.

Peter Brahne played good running football to score many well deserved tries. Simon Wolberg, GIen Stapleton and Sion Perry played sound games at centre threequarters with Glen Reed and Glenn Aplin showing good turns of speed on the wings. Shane McQuinlan played safe positional football at fullback and added many points with his goal kicking.

With such a large squad of boys it has been a most difficult season trying to give all boys as many games as possible. I do appreciate the understanding given by the boys who may not have had as many games as others.

It was great to see the season rounded off with such a good performance in the 10-a'side competition scoring 48 points for and only 4 against in three games.

Many thanks to the band of supporters who have been so loyal to the team throughout the season with support and transport.

Finally it has been a pleasure this year to coach this squad and, I look forward' to being part of the team again next year.

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