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Winners of the ARU Ten-a-side Championship.

This team had a champagne season and did their club proud. They went through their 15 man ARU draw undefeated, winning all 18 games with 388 points for and only 14 against. This was backed up by the boys, when they won the Auckland 10-a'side Championship, 84 points for and none against, out of 9 games.

This side is a very well balanced team who all pulled together when teh going got tough. This stands out when you look at their defense record.

Much of their success is teh result of dedicated training, boys who want to learn to better their rugby skills, playing as a team and having a few laughs with the coaches after training. Of course none of these things are possible  without the help and support of the mums and dads and a number of grandparents who also give their support in many ways.

Loose forwards - Craig Innes, Aaron Short and Beven Aplin, tackled everything that moved.

Locks - Glen Slatter, Jarrod Crosdale, Nick Mesritz and Shawn Otter did more than their fair share in the engine room and also set up a lot of good ball at teh line outs, rucks and mauls.

Front Row - Greg Bailey, Jonathon Couch and Eugene Legg (our three 44 gallon drums). Their experience and strength was too much for most opposition.

Half Back - Shawn Blanchfield reads the game well, sets up and runs the blind side well.

Five Eights - Darrin Robertson, Tony Brahne made inspiring runs and set their back line alight.

Center - Braedyn Birss and Wings Jerome Rush, Dillon Turner and David Hurst all ran in good tries, moved the ball on and backed up well.

Full Back - Andrew Stott caught a lot of ball and defended his line vigorously.

The coaches would like to congratulate the boys and thank all the parents and supporters.

Total games played 27
Won 27

Points For 484
Against 14

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