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Played     14
Won         13
Drawn        1
Lost            0

For         301
Against    18

Another exciting season for 14th Maroon Losing a lot of boys from last year due to the big change in weights and ages just made coaches Mike and Bernie hall all the more determined to get on with the job and rebuild a new team.

Starting with a large squad of 22 boys this was some task. From their very first game there was a chance that this team could have a future. A lot of hard work put in at training in the first few weeks pushed this team from strength to strength and of course credit must go to these boys for their dedication and sportsmanship. They set a goa1, a task any team would be proud of . They were undefeated in their fifteen man games which were all hard. 301 points for and 18 against

Also to put the icing on the cake, the team won the ARU 1O-a-side championship. A record number of 42 teams competed in this grade from every club in Auckland. The Maroons came through the true champs, having played nine games (32 tries for and 3 tries against) . The boys played the team game whether it was 15 man or 1O-a-side and this has been very rewarding to see from the sideline for both coaches and parents.

Starting with a solid front row - Eugene Legg, Gregg Nigel, Michael Wharepouri all saw and gave plenty of action. In the engine room Shawn Otter, Hayden Reid, Carl Leahy - top lineout men. They drove hard with Nicky Mesritz, Geoffrey Eskridge, Mathew Hall and Bevan Apling, setting up rucks and mauls. All these boys learnt to play more thran one position properly, which added to the team's strength.

The utility men Braden Birss, Gerome Rusk and Dillon Turner are everywhere men. Their talent and contribution were outstanding. Half-back Shawn Blanchfield was strong behind the forward pack. He sent out well won ball to his backs and quick blindside runs gave the wingers rewarding points.

Five-eights David Hurst and Kerry Price both ran hard, backed up and passed unselfishly to outside backs Darrin Robertson, KarI Irwin and Andrew Parks, who all scored many good tries which startled and impressed their opposition.

Well done boys, a season worth remembering.

A wonderful group of parents, including six fathers who play for our Presidents XV. The bouys from this team represent nine different schools from East Coast bays to Northcote - must be some kind of record.

A big thank you from Mike and Bernie.

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