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This report on our team will take the same format as last year. Seven of the boys came up from 15th Nursery maroon with three new boys to form the 16th Gold team.

During the season we had to borrow one or two boys from other teams to make up our number of 10 boys per game because of sickness.

Played   13
Won       12
Drawn     1
Lost         0

For        644
Against   32

All the boys played their very best, and had it not been for this we would not have got where we did. Both the backs and forwards played to their utmost during the season.

Our most improved player would have to be Mathew Rogan, who played at right prop and scored 10 tries for the season.

Once again, a special thanks to Graeme Edwards for all his help in coaching the team to their unbeaten success. Also to the mums and dads and other supporters, for without you having the boys at training and the games on Saturday we would not have got where we did.

I could be busy next year, but I would love to coach the boys again and, if so, I would like to have them all under my wing.

Good luck and best wishes to you all.

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