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This year's team had a very enjoyable season, and credit must go to all the boys for their team effort.

However, the great thrill from the coach's point of view has been the excellent team spirit and morale generated by the boys themselves, with a noticeable absence of bickering.

1983 has been a productive year for the team with the help of last year's players showing their talent.

Practices were far and few beeause of weather conditions, but this did not seem to effect the Saturday games in any way.

Once again, for a few members of my team who represented in the North Harbour games, congratulations, for with the help of the l7th Maroon players they have again taken the shield.

Our team for this year was as listed.

Loose Forwards
D Falwasser, D 0mara, D Macky, tackled every thing they could get their hands on.

C Henry, J Pont, for the great effort, and a late-comer to the team, N Livingstone, who took most of the player of the day ribbons.

T Wharepouri was a first year player who could read the game well, set the back line alight and also scored a lot of our tries.

C McKenzie was our top try scorer who made inspiring runs. S Fisher with his tactful kicking, and who also scored most of the team's tries .

J Wilson showed brilliant springing abilities and was our second top try scorer, and this was his first year at playing. T Streat again is the smallest boy in our team, but he's always in on the action.

S Pode, D Connirg, J Tai, all these boys took part in every game, D Conning for his ability to hook the ball, S Pode and J Tai are noted for playing all positions in this team and also took some of the ribbons for player of the day.

The coach and his wife would like to acknowledge their thanks for the great response they have received from the parents. Sue Henry was kept on her toes looking after the injured. Mr Fisher - you could hardly see him, but you sure heard him, with other dads joining in on the action. Thanks to the mums who helped with the oranges and food for other functions we had. Thanks to Mr Pont for filling in on practice nights when he was needed.

Our team and parents would like to give our deepest sympathy to Jamie Wilson and his family for the sad loss of his dad, Stu Wilson, who was always behind Jamie and our team.

Played 12
Won 5
Lost 5
Drew 2
Points for 220 and against 60

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