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Played 12
Won 8
Drew 2
Lost 2

0nce again the start of the season saw problems with weights and ages in this grade (even if it was open) and it was a good four weeks before we could settle down and train with the team we were able to play with, within the guidelines set down.

However, with this aside the boys went to it and produced some fine enterprising rugby, and we were well within championship honours until we suffered two defeats in a row in the latter part of the season, which put paid to our chances but that's rugby!

In this grade we have the older boys of Junior rugby and they are at the age when perhaps their minds are not always on the task at hand (with rugby football it is only about 5 hours of their-time per week) , so the coaches instilled in their minds three words self discipline and dedication - and if this is all they remember from the season then this in itself is an achievement, as it will guide them in many aspects of their lives over the next few years.

So now to you boys thank you for the opportunity of being able to share this season with you, and remember if you were pushed, yelled at or ignored at any time remember it was done with your best interests in mind. We wish you all well for the 1984 season.

Finally, our special thanks to those parents who turned up to support the team each week and provided transport to the various venues without your help there could have been problems.

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