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1985 was a mixed year for JB1. The grade was the top division in the union with many teams fielding overweight boys such that some clubs refused to play one team in teh second round.

The year started well with only two losses in teh first round - both against the heavier Takapuna side. Most of teh boys were playing in new positions and progressed very well in these early months.
Rusk at halfback for the first time
Hall at hooker for the first time.
Pita and D. Robertson in teh backs whereas most of their previous experience has been in teh forwards.

The team reached the finals of the Sunday knockout competition only to loose against their old adversary - Takapuna. However, to reach the finals were a tremendous performance for the boys and well earned.

Wet weather in July and August ruined all chances of coaching and general fitness which was reflected in their losses to teams beaten easily in teh first round.

Congratulations are due to those who made the North harbour representative teams:
Michael Wharepouri
Matthew Pita
Darrin robertson
Richard Burton
and we wish them well in their future rugby careers.

Apart from these boys there were a number of others selected for the trials and with more experience and dedication they should advance in years to come.

The team management would like to thank the parents for their support and transport throughout the season.

Played  15
Won        8
Drew      1
Lost        6

For         216
Against  276

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