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Played     13
Won         11
Lost            2

For           237
Against     52

JB3 Gold started off teh year with half the boys from 15th grade and teh rest. The usual problems arose, too many boys for teh same positions. After one practice and a couple of games with teh boys playing in some instances vastly differnt positions, a team was formed. The success of which can only be proved by teh results, finally by winning the JB3 10-a-side competition.

The team consists of teh following:

Nicholas Abbott at wing - with very good running
Mark Edwards at lock - doing a great job
John Fagavas - as an excellent utility forward
Isaac Goodman - did a great job as a fill in forward
Ryan Hunter did a great job at half back
Anthony Marks did an excellent job at full back saving and winning games with his many skills
Simon Mesritz at 1st five was a mainstay with his tackling, handling and running
Michael Monga has a great season with his excellent penetration and tackling
Steven Middup did a 1st class job at No.8 often carrying half the opposition on his back
Joseph Quinn was an excellent loose forward at breakaways
Craig Reid showed he was a very capable central forward
Mathew Rogan was one of teh more talented forwards mainly providing his worth in the front row
Cain Simpson really proved he has a future in rugby playing this season at center
Peter Waters had a great season at wing with his excellent tackling and general play
Shayne Wyatt did some very good running and play at lock
Tony Weir was a power of strength in teh front row
Simon Priddy did a very good job of hooking and general play
Jonathan Robinson really showed his worth in general play as a main stay forward

The team was very lucky in having a coach of Paul Marvin's talent backed up by Vince Sturmey's experience both assisted by Brian Wyatt's managementship.

This team consisted of some naturally talented players with teh rest improving every game and all doing their best for themselves, the team and the coach.

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