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1986 has been a real eye-opener for me as a first year coach, but very satisfying from a personal point of view.

From the beginning we had our problems with just the bare minimum of players throughout the season, plus the added disadvantage of having one of the smaller teams in the competition. But my thanks go out to the boys who played with tremendous spirit and big hearts throughout the season.

My front row, made up of Eugene Legg, Mathew Hall and Andrew Tait, all had big seasons, the power house of the pack. The locks, Stephen Sims and Mathew Piggin played their hearts out every game, both showing tremendous improvement along the way.

Loose forwards Brett Swanson, Aaron Farmer, Jody Milham and Daniel Healy all showed good skills, combined with a lot of guts all year. None had bigger seasons than the little guys, Stefan Jenner at halfback and Andrew Waterhouse-Brown at first-five. Tony Doyle played with guts all year, great tackling at second-five. Jason Jenner was powerful and skillful at centre, Shane Wyatt and Stefan Yelas played with determination all year. Aaron Dimmock, good skills and great running.

Finally, my thanks to the parents' support all year, and to Terry Wright and Ron Williams for their contributions through the year.

Finally, my sympathies to Shane Wyatt and family. Brian Wyatt, his father, who was always vocal on the sideline and helpful with his coaching hints, and always ready to stand in for me when I was unavailable, died tragically on Monday, 18 August after a long illness.

Thanks for the season.

Played 11
Won 6
Lost 5
Points for 200 and against 150

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