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Junior Parents

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The rugby season for 1986 will not be remembered as a great success for the number of games won, but what we will remember is the fantastic effort and spirit these little fellows put into their game each Saturday.

With too many boys for this one team, the decision came from high above, we'll have two JBS's Gold and Maroon.

So with our little band of Gold, we marched them away, they practiced every Wednesday and played on Saturday, although experience was something we lacked, a special thanks goes to three b oy s who have played many times before. They had to put up with the inexperience of seven other boys, and gosh they handled it well. Thanks Todd Hunter, Shannon Hall and Simon Crowhen. What these seven boys lacked at the beginning of the season, I am now proud to say that with determination and spirit they learned fast, played hard, worked as a team and in my mind came out winners every time. Corey Berghan, Stuart Giles, Andrew MacKay , Ryan and Jason Parkin, Blair Doherty and Scott Cavanagh.

Last but not least, parental support was outstanding. Thank you all those Mums and Dad s who turned up on those cold and wet mornings. Your support was very much appreciated.

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