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Good team Good fun Good parent support. That was our team in 87. And what a team it was. We came together as misfits some £rem soccer, some league, others having never played. By the end of the season we had developed good skills and a great team spirit portrayed by good attendance at practices and games. Parent support was excellent with most mothers letting the coach know it was her son scoring the try and proud of it (Go Mum).

We learned to play positions well. The forwards did their job and the backs using the ball. The forwards worked hard to get culmination in many a good team try.

A moment of glory would have to be our 14-12 loss to Takapuna at Becroft - what a game!

And so Stephen Ta good start to your rugby; Robert you must also be pleased with the season. Anthony, Graham, Ben and Riki good commitment to your team. Congratulations Charles on selection for Walter Dixon and good hooking for JB2 Maroon. Dylan played well most Saturdays and the Cooper boys developed good skills in the front 8.

Steven J, David and Jeremy when given the ball knew what to do. Ryan - good unselfish passes to the backs as a half-back should, not allowing the ball to die at the back of the scrum.

Last, but not least, Mark B. words cannot express the p oud feeling a coach has when he sees good head-o n tackling and team commitment. Mark R. our new import from Christchurch fitted in and played well in all positions.

A successful trip to Dargaville and a visit by Tauranga for a weekend were memorable moments in 1987.

Played 12
Won 3
Drew 1
Lost 8
Points for 139 and against 233

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