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The 2015 season starting early and promising with a preseason victory over North Shore. This year we knew from early on that we would have to manage a large group with an initial squad of 25 kids.

As is common in J1 squads we had far more forwards than backs, with initially seven backs to choose from. Desperate measures were called for and a couple of forwards were hand-picked to help out in the backs. That Drew and Jake were able to slot in so effortlessly is a testament to their skillset and versatility.

With a strong backline and a big pack, we were very competitive throughout the season. Our strength was the way the kids came together as a team, thanks to the coaching of Matt, Reagan and Damian. The spirit within the team was special and this showed in the way we played the game.

A testament to the coaching was that the team improved steadily throughout the season, going from strength to strength. A prime example of this is that we lost to ECB Green 14-7 in the first round, then going on to beat them 45-5 in the second round.

Having said that, it was an up and down season with the side playing some wonderful football but not winning every game. We played 16, and of those, we won seven. We finished in the top half of the table managing to beat every single sidebar two.

Special mention to our Captain Rory who scored 35 tries, and to Nehe with his exceptional kicking, with 179 points with a success ratio at 80%

Also, special mention to our three representative players, Felix, Rory and Allen. Felix made the Bill McLaren Champion Auckland East team, he then went on to be selected for the Auckland Under 13 side. Rory and Allen are representing North Harbour at the Roller Mills Tournament.

We say farewell to a number of players who have played their final games for Northcote at the Junior level and we look forward to welcoming them back to the club after their College careers.

To all the kids, Coaches, families and supporters involved in the Northcote J1 Gold side this 2015 season

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