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J3 Black came together at the start of the season merging a great blend of talent, experience and fresh enthusiasm.  The lads settled into positions that suited their physique and natural style of play.

The boys started with a 'hiss and a roar' getting off to a 7 game winning streak.  A few hiccups to our results came through the middle of the season when we struck winter bugs and injuries.  The team spirit and identity has developed over winter as the boys have grown to be true mates.  The teamwork has developed through the season as evidenced by the majority of the lads scoring a try at some point. 

The forwards have grown in their ability to muscle up, get physical and developed technically at the breakdown and maul.  The backs rush defence and safe hands have resulted in some brilliant team tries.  The J3 Black boys continued to add calls and moves to their game as the season went on; from 'Eddie', 'Addidas', and 'Whiskey-Bravo' through to 'Eels', 'Downtown', '2-up' and 'S2' the guys really owned the on-field tactics.  Our new recruits really stood up to the challenge.  These guys learned quickly, got busy in each game with big hits, a high work rate and some fancy footwork rewarding them each with tries through the season.  They are well placed to come back firing in 2016.

Particular thanks go to the dedication of the coaching combination of Isaac, Johan and George with support from Henry.  Thanks for your commitment and dedication to the boys; seeing them learn, grow and have fun each week.  Parents, Uncles, Aunties Caregivers, Grandparents and other cheerleaders - thanks for helping out with oranges, prizes, pick-ups, drop-offs, cheering for the team and general good humour - especially on some of those wind-blown wet Saturday mornings!

Let's do it all again next year!

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