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This year J3 Maroon team was an amalgamation of the J4 White and Gold teams. We saw the coming together of new players and combinations which we set about getting them to know each other start to work together as a team.

As with many teams, we struggled to get many players that were keen or experienced to play in the forwards therefore we had to ask a number of players to play in some unaccustomed positions. Of note, we have seen Spike Ruffel, Micah Eberley, Connor Muirhead and Corbin Utton who have stepped up and played a number of positions this year for the greater good of the team.

This year we have gone back to basics. Catch and pass, draw and pass, getting numbers to breakdowns, creating space and running straight. Our training has involved more game-based activities, the boys have trained with real purpose and commitment and it has been a lot of fun for both the players and the coaching staff.

We had a shaky start to the season with a number of losses. We stuck to the systems we had been practising and the second half of the season has brought many more wins than losses against some tough teams. The level of sportsmanship from all the players has been fantastic and they have done themselves and their club proud.

Special thanks must go to Suzie Cleland for our warm-up/fitness routines and the Coaching/Managing skills of Phil Kemp.

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