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Junior Parents

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The first year of “15 aside” and full-field rugby was always going to be a challenge for the kids to adapt to, but early on at training, it was clear that they were all keen to learn and be part of a team that we were able to hit the ground running.

We started out training twice a week which included lots of fitness and positional play, but it soon paid off with a fine opening win to start the season from which they carried that enthusiasm to the rest of the season, and then the results soon started to flow.  Results-wise we had a very successful season but the big winner was the player's positive attitude to training, improving and learning new skills, respecting each other and the opposition, and building friendships that by season’s end they all finished good mates.

I would like to thank all the parents for their cooperation throughout the season and Eugene for being our outstanding Referee.

Lastly a big thanks to Jamie and Robbo, between us, I think we fielded a team that did Cote proud on and off the field, and it was a pleasure to be involved with them and J4 Maroon.

See you all in 2016, cheers Kooz

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