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This year we welcomed 4 new players to the team. All 4 in their first year of tackle and 2 had never played rugby before. As always our goal is about improvement and the team didn’t disappoint. Their individual and team development have made it a very satisfying year. It was also pleasing to see them put what we trained at practice onto the field.

Whilst we have concentrated on the basics of tackling passing and cleaning out there was also a big emphasis placed on their individual roles as well as team patterns and structure. As a result several of our games this year were really impressive and a pleasure to be a part of. All the team contributed and their commitment and ‘Never Give Up’ attitude was unwavering

As coaches, we were really proud of the way they played as a team rather than as individuals. Well done boys! A big thanks to the parents/families for enduring some pretty horrible weather and their constant support throughout the year. Thanks to our ref who was awesome – you know who you are.

Also a special thanks to the parents who assisted in running the team when the coaches were away and those that helped in dropping off and picking up the jersey’s each week. It was greatly appreciated. Have a safe offseason.

Mike and Jas.

J5 Gold

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