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Junior Parents

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What a season, we are a small team, but a team that played hard and fair all season. Not only do we have wonderful kids, but we also have a passionate crew of supporters who give positive encouragement at each and every game.  We also enjoyed recognising the opposition player we felt was their best of the day at each game.

This year the team was lucky to have two coaches.  Maria, who has been there from the beginning, and Bruce who travels from Gulf Harbour to also coach the team. We also have Megan, who is a wonderful manager, keeping us all on track!

There is just so much talent in this team. Myricklle proving girls can do anything, getting the most tackles for 90% of games and a fearless attitude.  Finn already a true controller of the game and his thinking ahead resulted in a number of great intercept tries. Tyler tackles like a demon and is always there in support. David has perfected the ‘Fijian side step’ and never gives up chasing someone down. Steven understands a forward role and has a fend no-one can stand up to. Jacob has the greatest determination and when he sets off on a run, you just try to stop him. Jackson our hooker all season has perfected the dropkick and tackles like someone twice his size.

Heath has loved playing lock and getting in there to snatch the ball. Our other lock Norman has also grown into the role and made some stormin’ runs. Isaac has a great turn of speed up the sideline and is hard to catch.

Christiana re-joined our team halfway through and immediately had a huge impact in ball retrieval and never giving it up. Wade also joined late and even though his first year tackling, he has proven to be a great player.

So very proud of this team!

J5 White

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