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With most of the team back from last year, we were excited for the first year of tackle footy! Without any real “big kids” in our team, they showed remarkable courage all season and I couldn’t be more proud.

Continuing from last year, Liam scored some great tries and also tackled strongly. Zach showed his speed and was fearless and ruthless in the tackle. Flynn showed great footwork and tried to develop his draw and pass. Jack really threw himself into tackling much bigger boys. Patrick showed blinding pace, scoring some spectacular tries. Tye was hard to stop with the ball in hand, and Chris provided some fantastic offloads to keep the momentum going. Lucas was a breakdown ball thief and evasive with the ball, while Finnien tackled well and scored some awesome long-range tries. Roxy’s determination and speed provided some amazing tries out wide. Eli defied his small stature and was unstoppable. Joel ran hard and straight and thrived on the contact. “Angry Nate”, the smallest player with the biggest heart and meanest game face, his head shimmy and stutter-step were a pleasure to watch. 

The team were brave, strong, and regularly stole the opposition ball. Tackling improved, and the natural instincts took overseeing them play to their individual strengths.

Thanks to the parents for their support, particularly Rochelle for the fantastic photos. Our ref Paul commanded the respect of the players and helped them to learn. And Co-coach Jose was a great addition and I couldn’t have done it without him.

Roll on 2016!!!

J6 Maroon

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