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J6 White is an enthusiastic team with 8 players returning from last year’s Rippa Season. Added to our team were 5 new players who all slotted straight into place like they had always been part of the team.

Our first game of tackle rugby was in atrocious conditions with constant rain, but the boys were all extremely keen. Unfortunately, we had our first injury before the first kick-off. Our coaches were in the tackle clinic getting instructed on how to safely tackle and during a particular tackle, one of our coaches ended up with a few cracked ribs inflicted by his fellow coach!

Our coaches spent the year training the boys on how to tackle safely, hard and most importantly ball and all tackles. This resulted in a lot of turnover ball leading to many tries. They also emphasized the importance of ball retention, passing and winning the ball at the breakdowns. With these key elements mastered, the boys have had a fantastic season with many wins, two close losses and a couple of draws.

During the season we had a bye and were invited by Grammar U8 Restricted for a game at Orakei. The boys were super excited as we dubbed this game the battle of the bridge. It was clear when we arrived that the Grammar team were a lot larger right across the field. It was a tough first half but the boys finally got the better of them and ran away with the game. That day they learned that with good tackling, you can win against far bigger players.

In the next game, we achieved a real milestone when every player on the field scored a try in the same game.

Thank you to all the parents that are at every practice and every game, helping out where needed. A special thanks go to Mike, our referee, it is no easy task.

We all look forward to the second season of tackle.

See you all then.

Shaan, Darren and Paul.

J6 White

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