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A mixed bag of results for J7 Gold, we won, we lost, (we even drew a couple) but the one constant in our season was our dedication to improving our skills. While the calling of an offshore contract saw our turbo twins leave us during the off-season, we were able to welcome Tyler, Marshall, Mason and Max into our team to fill the gaps that were left behind.

This year every single one of our kids was able to shine, every one of them improving on one or more skills. All of them showing confidence that can only come from a foundation of support from their teammates.

What the win:loss ratios and point differentials cannot show is the heart that a team has, it doesn’t show the families coming together to help each other with transport, it won’t show the mums and dads stepping in to cover off coaching and game day organisation when the coach is laid up due to galactic bad planning of knee surgery dates.

Sure we dropped the ball, we ran out, and we scored tries against us when loaned to the opposition. But we did it as a team who kept our heads up, learned from our mistakes and carried on having a great time running around with our mates.

To the players and supporters of J7 Gold, I thank you for another memorable season. I look forward to seeing all of you in 2016 as we take our next big step forward together into J6.

J7 Gold

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