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J8 Black has had an awesome 2015 season of Rippa Rugby full of running, fast running.  They practised hard and were hungry for rips every game.  The team demonstrated great enthusiasm and held strong to our team mantra ‘Run Fast, Get Rips’.  It has been great to see the players develop their skills throughout the season.

Each week we focused on different skills around running fast and getting rips.  Each focused practise resulted in great improvements for that weekend’s game. J8 Black became a very quick team and our focus on the speed of the pass once ripped lead to many tries.  Players also demonstrated excellent footwork which allowed them to step past the opposition on many occasions.  As the season progressed the team also developed a great sense of field vision and were able to spot gaps, make slicing breaks and cover any break by the opposition.   Some players also demonstrated a natural instinct to tackle with great accuracy which will be of huge benefit to them when they are allowed to do it in the older grades.

J8 Black was an excellent team to work with and every player contributed to the outstanding success of the season.  From side-stepping down the sideline to slicing up the middle we had a great mix of players who all gave their best.  A big thank you also goes out to all the parents.  J8 Black had great support from all the parents which really added to the team spirit.

J8 Black

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