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Junior Parents

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Well, the team began the season as a keen, enthusiastic bunch of boys who wanted to play rugby and have fun.

The first couple of trainings and games were pretty raw but slowly and surely the boys came round to learning the rules, running fast with the ball, passing to each other as much as possible, and lastly making their rips and making them count!!

They started to gel into a team of mates, and I think all parents in the team and myself as a coach are proud of their sportsmanship and looking out for each other on and off the field.

There was the awesome sight of Zachs zigzagging tryscoring, sidestepping of Anthony like Rockocko, Dylan ripping like a man possessed, Chase leading the troops in the trenches, Jacob pouncing on the  ball whenever  loose, the loop running then great yards off Luca, Blake pinning his ears back for the corner, and great intense running of Jayden.

Results this year have taken a back seat to learning the game especially at the start but as I write this report the boys are 4 wins and one draw from there last 5 games so Fantastic effort guys, they are now making there rips, passing and offloading well during play, (still play fighting and running amok at training amongst drills haha), but most importantly having FUN!!

A BIG thanks to all parents and grandparents for their support this year of the boys, especially all the lollies and standing in the rain.

Also thanks to Stefan and Ben for their help throughout the year.

Look forward to next season, go the Sharks and LTC!


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