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The 2015 season certainly didn’t start the way many expected! With barely enough players to start the first game, we only managed to get a full team on the field minutes before kick-off. In the following few weeks, we battled to get 15 players. Thankfully a few calls went out, and numbers again resembled what we have come to expect, and the NOBRAs were again instilled as the team to beat in the Presidents Grade. Battling our way to many hard-fought 4-all draws, we most often finished with a bigger 4 than our opponents did. Many former mainstays were now notable absentees due to family commitments, old age, broken bodies, or mum saying “you can’t play”. And while some of those old campaigners cannot be replaced, we had a significant number of new Nobras throw on the jersey for the first time which helped lessen the impact. Great to welcome so many new faces with tons of ability into the team… Wardie, Lynton, Shannon, Ants, Leon, Henry, Reuben, to name a few… who fitted seamlessly into the NOBRAs culture on and off the field, and we look forward to seeing you all back next year!

For the NOBRAs, success is playing footy with mates old and new and representing the Cote with pride. But it also must be noted that we played some fantastic rugby, scored some blinding tries, and every one of the memorial trophies we vie for each season is safely locked away in Cote territory for yet another summer.

In the absence of an official Nobras “Goach”, it must be said that Mark and Darrin Robertson have done a tremendous job keeping us in line. It may be a crooked and disjointed line, but a line all the same! Well done, and thanks Robbo’s!!!

See you all in 2016.

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