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Like all J6 teams countrywide, the biggest challenge is the transition from ripper to tackle rugby.  The better and faster that transition, the more successful the team will be.

In the case of the J6 Gold team, our focus for pre-season was on fitness and developing tackle confidence.  The team now after a season of hill sprints down at Stafford Park certainly are much fitter and faster.

Tackle confidence progressed throughout the season and I am now confident that all players can engage in proper technique in a game situation.

From the first ‘tap off’ of the season, we were a competitive team, both on attack and defence.  The players enjoyed the winning feeling and the sideline feedback of that success.  We worked as a team to try and develop a culture of hard and fair play.  The boys rose to the challenge, supported each other in their training and game time, and subsequently their knowledge of the game and their friendships in the team developed admirably.

The team scored almost a thousand points during the season with the entire squad dotting down at some time.  On defence, we became a demon tackling machine with commitment right across the paddock.  Our dedicated parent and sideline support has also been exceptional!

The entire team certainly enjoyed their rugby this season as I did coaching them.  Every player has made outstanding progress with their skills and confidence and I personally look forward to being involved in 2017.

I wish to sincerely thank James Morrison for his superb refereeing throughout the season and to Mandy Villars for her diligent work with all the managerial responsibilities.

Nathan Villars

J6 Gold

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