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Junior Parents

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As first-time coach and manager, we really didn’t know what we had gotten ourselves in for.  We all met at Onepoto Domain prior to the start of the season.  It was evident right from the start seeing their enthusiasm as they all turned up their Northcote club shorts and socks.

From our first practice which was interesting, to say the least, it has been great to watch them develop from individuals to working as a team, enjoying their training nights and game days.  At times during trainings, you wonder if what you are doing is right, but come game day it is very obvious they have got it, by ripping, passing when ripped and squashing that worm.

We have appreciated the positive feedback received from the parents who have noticed the team’s improvement from week to week and the family’s commitment to be at training.  Something must be working.   We have great side-line supporters each week helping to get the team ready and cheering them on which makes our team environment a special one and a pleasure to be part of.

LTC – go J8 Maroon.   Hope to see everyone back next year.

J8 Maroon

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