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This year saw the first-ever North Harbour all-girls Rippa grade get up and running with 9 teams in total.  Our team consisted of players ranging from ages 7-12 and as a first-time coach I was a little overwhelmed with the season ahead.

I was quickly put at ease when I found out the most of the girls knew each other and had played before.  The skill level was definitely there so I made it a priority to improve on the basics. The girls are a competitive bunch so as long as passing, ball carrying, agility and fitness were in some form of a relay race and the promise of a game of Rippa at the end of each training things went smoothly.

This year was a big learning curve for all players, coaches, referees and the running of the grade itself. It took us a few games to get our heads around some of the rules but we did manage to get on top of things quickly. The girls learnt fast that communication, sportsmanship, listening to the ref and playing together as a team was the key to a successful and happy game. One of the biggest achievements over this season was watching the girls’ confidence grow and it has been amazing to see the girls improve each week. I am extremely proud of each and every one of them for the commitment they have put into the team this year and look forward to seeing the grade develop over the next few years.

U13 Girls Rip Maroon

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