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It was a big step up for the boys this year moving to full field, 15 aside rugby. The team were ready for a challenge and the progression of the players throughout the year has been huge. First-year full-field rugby is always going to be a challenge, but this team accepted that and whilst there have been the expected speed bumps along the way, overall they adapted well.  The team started as a 'patchwork' of players from different teams, including some players new to rugby union. However, throughout the season friendships have formed that hopefully will become lifelong 'Cote' friendships. As the season has progressed our on-field performance has really improved, with the finale being the team game of the season. Every member of our team can feel proud to have contributed to the team success, well done to all. They can go into next season with a lot of confidence on the back of the skills they have worked so hard to develop. The big winner has been the players’ positive attitude to training, improving and learning new skills. The level of sportsmanship from all the players has been fantastic and they have done themselves and the club proud.

As always, a team is not an island. A huge amount of thanks must go to the parents who have supported us, and in particular, a big thanks to Gareth who's contribution to the team coaching has been solid.  We were very fortunate to have Graeme Solomon from the senior club join us mid-way through the season - his knowledge and experience was invaluable. Thank you also to Paul and Adam who were always happy to assist at training when they could.  Thank you too, to Zach Clarke, our sponsored Prems player who came to lend a hand and hopefully gave the boys a goal to aim for.Finally, a big thank you to David MacKay for stepping into the reffing role - never an easy task, and to Lauri our manager for ensuring we get to the games right place, the right time each week, not to mention her dedicated photographic coverage of the season. Outstanding effort team! Overall, it has been a pleasure to coach this team and I wish them all a successful return to rugby in 2018.

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