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Junior Parents

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First-year of full-field footy! With most of the team back for their 5th season together, we had a strong nucleus of players who have been together a long time. Adding some new faces and more space for them all to run around in, it was always going to be interesting! With more emphasis on positions and tasks, we’ve seen our team really grow into their on-field roles. New players complimented existing ones, and we have a great group of teammates and friends.

Some picked up where they left off last season and shone from the outset, while others gained confidence and ability through the season.

Our tight forwards worked hard at the breakdown and enjoyed taking their opportunities to pick and go. The loosies were dynamic, ran hard and tackled harder. Our inside backs learned the importance of bringing the ball forward, and they created some great scoring opportunities under pressure, building strong combinations, that will be even stronger next season. The outside backs coped well with all the extra room to move and learned to back themselves in space.

I can’t single out any players because they’re all as important as each other. Great team, great bunch of kids and I can’t wait to watch and help them grow even more next year. We scored some amazing tries, but most importantly had a lot of fun.

Thanks to the parents, family members and friends for their support, and special thanks to Paul, the best ref in the grade!

Bring on 2018!

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