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The 2017 Season was always going to be a big step up for our team. We have a very keen group of boys and 14 out of 15 players returned from last year and with 6 new players joining the team. We were delighted that one of the new players joining our team was a girl, she certainly added a new, positive dynamic to our team with her attitude and commitment.

Moving from 10 aside half field rugby to 15 aside and full-field rugby certainly had some challenges, our boys and girl looked tiny on the huge rugby paddock! We knew from game one that with all this space, defence, fitness and knowledge of the rules was going to be the key to a successful season.

With this in mind, we had two practices each week so the players got as much time as they could to learn the new skills necessary for full-field rugby. We were extremely lucky to have the Hina family as part of our team, and Tank’s knowledge of the game and the drills required to teach the kids is, second to none. With three coaches on the field, the players have just absorbed all this rugby knowledge thrown at them.

Once again, we have had a mixed season with a few losses to start with and then we started getting a few wins. Our detailed training drills really started paying dividends in the second half of the season, with a number of wins from good consistent team play. They quickly found out that when they played as a team, they could knock over those teams that had superstar players.

Unfortunately, our playing stocks took a hammering with nasty injuries taking out three players for the majority of the season. With winter flu and holidays in the mix, we had a number of games with little or no reserves, however, the team just took it in their stride.

Thank you to all the parents that are there at every practice and every game and help out when required.

We are all looking forward to the 2018 Rugby Season!

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