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J6 Black were all but new to tackle this year but took out the self-claimed tackler champions trophy.

Hunter McCaw led the charge taking on and down all giants and fleet of foot.  With fellow teammate Ethan Dagg, they bamboozled opposition with their zip zap running and brilliant ball turnovers at the ruck.

Carlos Cane and William Coles frustrated opposition with try line defence.  Holding and denying what should have been certain tries and making the crowd roar with the ball in hand.

Luca Thorne was a freight train of momentum.  Tacklers brushed aside, opponents floored in tackles and mauls driven forward.

The brother's Henry and Leo Whitelock also kept the team going forward with strength and drive at mauls and cleanouts at the rucks with particular effectiveness against their coach on a Friday.

Henry Perenara was an endless contributor with brilliantly executed tackles, passes from the base of the scrum and foot races to the try line.

Ghosting into space and down the side-line was Tommy Bill Williams with his deceptive pace and Jacob Kaino with darting runs after stealing many a ball from a maul causing much shouting of frustration from opposition coaches.

Our attack was spearheaded with balance and speed from Sam Cullen as he glided over the ground with the magical grace of his legendary namesake.  Just as able, was the all-round talents of Noah Barrett in both defence and attack.  He coupled that with the highest work rate of any, resulting in a week in week out influence on the field.

But the players would have been nothing without the weekly support and effort of their personal assistants who completed a fantastic team.

2018 – Watch out for J5 Black!

J6 Black

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