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Managing the awesome kids in J7 Black this year has been exciting, rewarding with just a touch of intense on the side. As a first time manager, I was thankful for the wonderful role models we had in 2016 (cheers Sam and Damian). Teaming up with Coach Dave Bell and our assistant coach/referee Dave Ward, J7 Black was ready for action!

The boys have put in 110% effort into practices and games which has always made giving awards each week difficult. As with every team, we have our star try scorers and rippers, but the true spirit of our team has been to support and develop our teamwork. So much so that towards the end of the season we saw PASSING before getting ripped! All the boys contributed to the team in some way and it has been a pleasure to see them improve with every game.

I’d like to thank the parents who have supported the team tirelessly and with great sportsmanship. You are all amazing role models for your children and you represent Northcote Rugby with pride and positivity. Thank you so much! An especially HUGE thanks to Coach Dave and Ref Dave who have sweated it out on the field with the boys each week, teaching on the run. Your energy and enthusiasm was most appreciated by us all.

It has been a pleasure getting to know you all and I hope to see you all again next year.

J7 Black

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