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The team is one year older and wiser and have a good idea about playing ripper rugby. Our team consists of 9 players from J8 Maroon and 3 new players who quickly bonded.

We practice at Stafford Park. The hill run and push-ups have come in very handy at times for keeping them focused (brings back memories for the coach).

It’s good to see them take the skills from training into game day. Every player takes a turn having the first run and are enthusiastic to do so. Everyone can score tries and many did however it is watching the determination on their faces to rip the opposition and prevent them from scoring that has been rewarding to watch. On many occasions there have been 6 consecutive rips with the team working together, passing the ball to score full-length field tries. It’s nice as a coach when you think they are not listening that they actually are.

We played in the J7 Snow White tournament. Our team of eight players were excited to play in their first rugby tournament. They played three games and were into the semi-finals. With renewed energy and determination they pulled together and won the Snow White Shield.

As a coach and manager, it has been great watching the boys develop and getting ready for their next stage in rugby. Our supporters from, siblings, parents, grandparents and friends have been terrific cheering them on. Thank you Mark Burgess for being our referee. LTC – go J7 Maroon. Hope to see everyone back next year.

J7 Maroon

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