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A challenging, yet pleasing season for J7 White with 9 players returning from last year and 2 new players to the team in their first year of rugby. The groundwork had been done last year so the kids were straight into action from game 1, playing with a positive attitude, a good skill set and adherence to the rules of the game. We enjoyed many victories, a couple of draws and a few defeats; goes to show that you can still achieve positive results playing within the laws of the game.

Accolades and achievements were shared throughout the group, with all of the players improving their skill sets from last year and then continuing to improve throughout the season.

The boys attack, the girl's defence and the entire team’s willingness to support the ball carrier were 3 things that were obvious, but there never say die attitude was the standout! Very pleasing for everyone involved.

Big thanks to the parents and supporters for their continued commitment to the team, Trudy our star manager for another stellar performance in a largely thankless role. Bruce and Macca for sharing the refereeing duties (great job guys!), and to the kids – you guys were awesome this year, playing the game in the spirit that it is meant to be played, well done to you!

On to tackle next year, another big challenge which the kids are all looking forward too. We can’t wait!

J7 White

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