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The team had a great year and showed great improvement with increased ball-handling schools by the end of the season.

We had some very close games with only 1 point in it. 

Chase – excellent finisher and showed try pace and try-scoring abilities.

Noah – spectacular on the dive rips.

Tate – first man off the mark and attacking that first rip.

Ethan – quite monitoring play from fullback and pouncing as required.

Wyatt – showed great pace and speed in both rips and tries.

Max – quiet but when he got the ball and after getting directions was a great runner!

Matthew – like Richie McCaw, always just offside and always committed.

Thomas – the straightest runner in the team, stopped for nothing.

Sadie – amazing pace on the wing when with ball in hand.

Lauren – fantastic all-rounder with an amazing team focus.

A big thank you to all the parents and support on the sideline.

J8 White

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