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Before a ball was even thrown or kicked this season was always going to be a memorable one.  It was our first season.

Regardless of rips or tries the excitement of forming a new team and watching the girls improve week after week and enjoying themselves was the most important thing.

With a mixed group of ages and experience, Graeme Skelton took to forming a team that would play Rippa by passing the ball and playing the game in the right way. It wasn’t about winning.  It was about the development and growth of the team from the girls who had never played before to the continuing improvements of the girls who had.

This combination would make the viewing on the sidelines ever more enjoyable for the supporters watching their daughters having fun and learning at the same time. 

Training every Tuesday was always positive with a good turn out and again that showed on the field.

We appreciate the ongoing support from all those who managed to make it down to watch throughout the season.

Thank you, Traci Peri and Kirsty Alty for managing the side.  From washing the kit and filling the drink bottles to keeping track of the tries and rips, dealing with sorting out the constant subs and all that stuff that goes on in the background.

Lastly, the most important people of all are our girls who have been on the field giving their all week in and week out.  You have made all of us proud and it’s been an absolute pleasure watching you.  For that, we say thank you!

U11 Girls Rip Black

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