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2017 saw the second year of Girls Rippa Rugby at The Cote and what a season it has been!! 

I was thrown in at the deep end this year because our team did not have a coach and I was silly enough to say that if The Club was desperate, I would do it….turned out that they were, and I was hired!!

We started off with a wonderful range of girls some of whom had played before and some of whom had not.  The first thing we did as a team was to make up the chant that we would do before each game and once we sorted that, it didn’t take long to get some wins under our belts!!   We hit a few speed bumps along the way but managed to bounce back and we have gone from strength to strength as a team. 

I would like to thank Ursula for coaching with me this year, Emma for making sure the management side went smoothly and Tim for ‘volunteering’ to ref our home games even though he’d never heard of rippa before and was only visiting from England!!  To all the girls; thank you for being so patient with me, it has been lovely to watch you develop as a team and reach your personal goals.  I have no doubt that those of you who are able to return next year will do so with enthusiasm and commitment to Northcote Rugby.

U11 Girls Rip Gold

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