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Another fun season of tackle for the boys of J5 Maroon, with plenty of highlights and drama.  With a 50/50 win-loss record for the year, the kids had plenty of opportunities to learn through the year. 

One of our goals as coaches at the start of the year was to ensure that we had everyone contributing as a team and the extra practice each week made a big difference in this respect.  By the end of the year, all the boys were tackling, passing and making sure we recycled the ball in tackles.

Our forwards learned the importance of blowing over and protecting our ball and Ben, Xavier and Luca mastered this while Archie S, Fergus and Archie M showed how effective a pick and go could be.  It was fantastic to see one of our new boys Jack effect a turnover in a maul in the last game of the season as well.

In his first of rugby, Tawai learned that passing off the ground was the quickest way for a half back to distribute while our inside backs of Josh, Ryan and Flynn discovered what was possible when they passed it. And to see Logan and Connor in full flight after the ball had been through three passes to get to them was very pleasing. 

A big thank you to Hugo for organising us, to Ernie for assisting with the coaching and to our new referees Craig & Grant who did a great job!   Thanks to all the families for making this year so much fun for the kids.

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